We only use solid wood ele­ments, glued in lay­ers for the pro­duc­tion of wooden exte­rior doors. Door pan­els are made of multi-​layerpanels, filled with a spe­cial high-​performance ther­mal insu­la­tion foam. The ther­mal trans­mit­tance fac­tor of such an ele­ment is 1.16 W/​m2K in the stan­dard version.

Exte­rior doors are made in thick­nesses of 68 mm and 78 mm. In 68 mm thick doors the square tim­ber is glued from three lay­ers, while in exte­rior doors with a thick­ness of 78 mm, the square tim­ber is glued from four layers.

As stan­dard we offer doors from the fol­low­ing wood species: Mer­anti, pine and larch. Other species of wood – on request.