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Wooden Win­dows Poland, Wooden door Poland

Energy effi­cient windows

Win­dows and doors are impor­tant parts of every house and inte­rior design. If you aim bey­ound tra­di­tional solu­tions – we’re your best bet! We are Pol­ish man­u­fac­turer of wooden doors and win­dows, our qual­ity and prices will sat­isfy every­one! Since 1957 ABA Wik­tor­czyk pro­duces high­est qual­ity classic-​style door, wooden win­dows and win­dows with bars. Yet, we still fol­low high-​tech trends. As an exam­ple you may take our solid and well designed wood/​aluminium win­dows, secu­rity solu­tions for win­dows and the top-​line energy effi­cient win­dows.

Mer­anti Wood Win­dows – unique trop­i­cal wood fol­low­ing the high­est tech­ni­cal requirements

Mer­anti is a trop­i­cal leafy tree which is an ideal mate­r­ial for pro­duc­tion of win­dows regard­ing its attrac­tive tex­ture, dura­bil­ity and low main­te­nance costs. That’s why we offer, along with pine win­dows, more pop­u­lar mer­anti win­dows.

His­toric style win­dows from Poland

The tra­di­tional look is very impor­tant when it comes to his­toric style build­ings. We are top class spe­cial­ists repro­duc­ing old style win­dows from pho­tos and from the tech­ni­cal draw­ings as well Repro­duced win­dows repli­cas have the orig­i­nal, his­toric look and feel and have all the advan­tages of mod­ern win­dows. Old style wooden win­dows from Poland are also com­mon choice of the clients build­ing new, but styl­ized, tra­di­tional style inspired architecture.

Beauty & Secu­rity: wood alu­minium windows

Poland based Wik­tor­czyk is also a mas­ter of wooden doors – inte­rior and exte­rior doors from Poland. Along with the first class qual­ity wood for door pro­duc­tion, we also use anti-​theft glaz­ing and solid hinges and locks. Have a ques­tion? Email or call us now!