Alu­minium on the out­side of the win­dow is an ele­ment that is inde­struc­tible and resis­tant to weather con­di­tions. It also pro­vides excel­lent wood pro­tec­tion. Thanks to this the inte­rior side can be made from fine wood species, such as pine, mer­anti or oak: a great oppor­tu­nity for inte­rior design.

A wood-​aluminium win­dow con­sists of two frames – a wooden one from the inside and an alu­minium one on the out­side. This design makes it pos­si­ble to use thick and energy-​efficient glass panes, which in turn improves the acoustic prop­er­ties and ther­mal per­me­abil­ity of the whole set.

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