Bull’s-eye win­dow

The bull’s-eye win­dow is a spe­cific type of roof win­dow. Its role is not only to pro­vide an addi­tional source of light in the attic, but also to diver­sify the roof struc­ture, and on a wider scale – the entire build­ing. Prepar­ing such type of win­dow is not easy, as it requires the con­trac­tor to choose the right pro­pos­als, know the con­struc­tion prin­ci­ples of the roof and high pre­ci­sion, as well as match the appro­pri­ate roof­ing. The final effect looks very impres­sive, what makes it more and more popular.

The ABA Wik­tor­czyk com­pany offers the bull’s-eye win­dow in any size and shape, accord­ing to its own design or pro­vided by the cus­tomer. We invite you to con­tact us to arrange the details of the order.