An advan­tage of cov­ered hard­ware is that the hinge ele­ments, which are vis­i­ble in stan­dard win­dows, are not vis­i­ble in win­dows from Wik­tor­czyk with cov­ered hard­ware from G-​U. The prob­lem of select­ing the cover colour dis­ap­pears com­pletely. The win­dow looks very ele­gant. This hard­ware can be opened at an angle of almost 100 degrees. It can be equipped with anti-​burglary hard­ware of the WK2 class.

okno okucia

Fot. Cov­ered hardware

okno okucia 2

Fot. Mech­a­nism from inside

Optional fea­tures