The SWISSPACER warm spacer bar limits the problem of a thermal bridge occurring at the edge of the window pane. Thanks to a balanced temperature across the entire surface of the pane, the problem of condensation on window edges is virtually eliminated.

Thermal characteristics

Material Thermal conductivity (W/m2K)
Aluminium 200
Stainless steel 15

The SWISSPACER warm spacer bar will certainly improve the aesthetics of the window thanks to its sleek, matte surface and a range of colour variants.

Advantages of warm spacer bars:

  • thermal insulation;
  • increased Uw thermal transmittance factor for windows by approximately 10% according to PN-EN ISO 10077;
  • no thermal bridge at the edges of insulated glass units;
  • better thermal comfort near the windows;
  • lower heating costs by up to 5%, depending on the level of insulation;
  • reduced risk of condensation on the glass pane surface thanks to an increase in temperature at the edge of the glazing.


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