Dec­o­ra­tive win­dows are chiefly installed in his­tor­i­cal build­ings, but nowa­days cus­tomers order such win­dows just as fre­quently for their newly erected styl­ish houses and manors.

His­toric win­dows are avail­able in all thick­nesses man­u­fac­tured by us: 68 mm, in the energy-​efficient 78 mm ver­sion and 92 mm pas­sive ver­sion. We also man­u­fac­ture cus­tom pro­files for the Bel­gian and Eng­lish markets.

Dec­o­ra­tive win­dows profiles

Exam­ples of dec­o­ra­tive win­dows made with dif­fer­ent profiles:

In the case of mak­ing new win­dows for his­toric build­ings, we care­fully recre­ate the exist­ing dec­o­ra­tion ele­ments so that the appear­ance of the mod­ern win­dow fully resem­bles the his­tor­i­cal orig­i­nal. Dec­o­rated win­dows are avail­able in tra­di­tional thick­ness 68 mm and in energy-​saving and pas­sive version.

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His­toric heads and non-​standard decorations

In the gallery above we present ready-​made designs for heads from glow​iczki​.pl.

If none of the ready-​made solu­tions sat­isfy our cus­tomers, we also offer cus­tom carv­ing designs.

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Bel­gium profile

We also make less com­mon win­dows, pop­u­lar in other coun­tries, such as sash win­dows or win­dows with pro­files pop­u­lar in Bel­gium or England.

Okno - profil belgijski