Although the basic ver­sion wood­work pro­duced by the ABA Wik­tor­czyk has a rich equip­ment, cus­tomers usu­ally make many changes and decide to pur­chase addi­tional items, affect­ing the final price.

The most impor­tant ele­ments that affect the final price are:

  • Wood type
  • anti-​burglary hardware
  • locks
  • the use of addi­tives such orna­men­tal glass, stained glass, carv­ings, etc.

Sam­ple mod­els of doors

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The val­u­a­tion is best done on the basis of State­ments of join­ery con­struc­tion project.

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Time of realisation

Each order is treated indi­vid­u­ally, com­ple­tion date is always deter­mined by the order.