Our wooden exte­rior doors are equipped as stan­dard with two anti-​burglary class “C” inserts. These are cer­ti­fied inserts. Inserts in this class come with addi­tional anti-​burglary pro­tec­tion, includ­ing hard­ened pins, anti-​drilling pro­tec­tion, secu­rity ring for pro­tect­ing against the insert being ripped out and twisted out, secu­rity sys­tem that blocks the insert in the case of attempts to break into using a dif­fer­ent key.

Addi­tional pro­tec­tion comes as cour­tesy of a con­trolled prepa­ra­tion of addi­tional keys. An addi­tional key for Wilka inserts can only be made with a secu­rity card that is deliv­ered with the insert.